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Holzhintergrund warum Holzspielzeug oben

Why wooden toys?

Wooden toys support the child's development in a variety of ways! Promotes natural learning, imagination and creativity, giving the child a lot of fun and joy. Parents want to support their child with the right toys and attach great importance to quality. Quality plays a crucial role in the selection. It should be environmentally friendly and stable, and also convey educational value and, above all, be fun for the children. Wooden toys invite natural play and are welcome in every child's room.

Advantages of wooden toys


Durable & Robust


With wooden toys, small falls do not cause any damage, and they can often be repaired without any problems. Plastic toys usually quickly end up in the trash, while wooden toys are often quickly repaired, or re-glued. It has a long shelf life and can therefore still be played with by younger siblings. If you look in the basement, in the attic or at flea markets, you will find wooden toys in perfect condition, while plastic toys are often broken and faded over the years, and also smell unpleasant.



The child is encouraged to keep himself busy and to use his imagination. Wooden toys, due to their simplicity, do not overwhelm the child's senses. Some wooden toys have a wonderful learning effect, so the children have fun learning.


The children are introduced to nature at an early age because wood is a renewable raw material. It is educationally valuable because it promotes and improves motor skills and dexterity, responsiveness and the ability to concentrate. The children get a feel for shapes through different surfaces. The structure of wood is different from plastic products. You don't need feel-good music because the simple shapes encourage you to play. Children can play wonderfully alone without any annoying background noise.

Symbolisch dargestellt Pädagogisch

Sustainable & Ecological

Wood is a naturally renewable raw material. Through certain rules and companies that adhere to them, nature is not harmed.

Encourage the senses

Wood has a special surface that stimulates children's senses. Children love the structure of wood. Wood promotes creativity and encourages exploration with simple shapes.

Symbolically represented, promote the senses
Symbolically represented Hygienic


Bacteria can only spread slowly on wood, unlike plastic. If a wooden toy gets dirty, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Due to its germ-killing effect, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers or asthmatics. Disposal is clean and environmentally friendly.

Quality & Security

Wooden toys are usually completely safe for children. Without varnish, it is no problem if the child puts it in the mouth. You can also find colorful wooden toys from reputable brands with abrasion- and saliva-resistant varnishes so that the child's health is not endangered. In Germany, strict requirements and high safety and quality standards apply. The varnishes on baby toys are water-based, so that no harmful substances are included.

Timeless design

Timeless design & naturally beautiful

While plastic toys with garish designs and loud sounds quickly get on parents' nerves, wooden toys with their simplicity and warm tones are still beautiful even after years. They don't get boring because the focus is on details such as handling and functionality. Whether it's wooden building blocks or a homemade dollhouse, we associate memories with them, just like our children later on. Wooden toys are not only beautiful, but also timeless.

Holzhintergrund Holzspielzeug unten
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