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We introduce

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We at Rund ums kleine Glück introduce our official partner

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About ev

The e.V. was founded on August 27, 2023 and is a registered association whose mission is to improve au pair life in Germany, but also within the EU and in cooperation with its global partners.


The association represents the interests of au pairs and host families alike and provides not only advice but also active support with all questions and problems that arise.


The board of e.V. is constantly interested in developing new innovations, improvements and ideas. Every good idea is taken up and implemented after a vote in the form of a survey.


The members and member organizations affiliated to the association have been involved in the placement and support of au pairs from the start and are committed to maintaining high quality standards.


Au pair agencies and au pair brokers are not accepted into e.V., but can be marked as reputable agencies by us. Au pair agents are not supported by the association.


The e.V. does not carry out any paid placements, but it recommends registered au pairs to registered host families and within the members as part of a membership.

What services does ev offer?

What does e.V. do? Why an association for au pairs and host families?


  • Exchange and cooperation between members through a broad and functioning network between au pairs, host families and language schools.

  • Advice to our members, but also to all other interested institutions and authorities on all questions relating to the au pair program.

  • Insurance companies in exchange with national and international associations and authorities.

  • Special offers for au pairs through leisure activities and au pair trips and meetings.

  • Au pairs in need can get advice and help through our emergency hotline.

  • The au pair program deserves to be cultivated and its marketing is supported

  • Emergency accommodation for au pairs stranded in Germany, offered on a voluntary basis by host families and in particular by e.V.

  • Informing our members about changes to visa procedures, legal regulations, working methods of authorities and embassies.

  • Agencies are strictly monitored to ensure that they operate reputably.

  • Financial support for au pairs in cases of extreme need.

  • Establishing contacts for members and au pairs.

  • Behavioral training for au pairs and host families to keep the hurdle of cultural differences small and to simplify integration.

  • We support host families if they believe that living together with the current au pair can no longer be guaranteed.

  • Advice and arbitration between host families and au pairs

  • Free referral to other host families

  • Provision of current documents and documents (e.g. au pair contracts) from the Federal Employment Agency.

  • Covering the au pair's return travel costs, as the last possible step in providing assistance (assuming there are sufficient club funds)

  • If the au pair is feeling lonely (emotional problems, homesickness), discussions are held and meetings (also with other au pairs) are arranged in order to counteract this through a circle of friends.

  • Host families and au pairs can register on the association's portal to build an appropriate network; this will be possible anonymously and publicly. Host families also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other, subject to mutual consent.

  • In addition, a network for FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) and training places in the social sector is supported, which is intended to make the future prospects of the au pair easier.        


What requirements must a future member (host family) meet?

Our members are committed to adhering to our quality standards. These standards serve to ensure that an au pair stay runs smoothly, as well as to protect the au pair and the good cooperation of all parties.

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